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Using rattan indoors

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Hi all! I'm Noelle

I'm a master designer and bonzo DIYer, and I love to share what I've created and learned along the way. Welcome to my homemade shanty!

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Sew your own throw pillows

Learn how to sew your own pillows!

Short course on how to choose the appropriate fabric for throw pillows, filling and thread. Then we'll walk through how to get it done!
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What people are saying

Mary Doe
Mary Doe@username
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I took Noelle's course and it's fabulous! I've never been a better crafter!
Janice Jones
Janice Jones@username
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I love this blog! I read it every day!
Taylor Sweet
Taylor Sweet@username
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Thanks so much for your videos! I can finally sew a button on a shirt now. 🙂
John Doe
John Doe@username
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This is such a pretty blog. I love it! Come to it every day!

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